Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Portable Product Photography System

The Studio has recently invested in a new portable product lighting system allowing for on site product photography.

The new system ensures that on those occasions when products cannot leave the client we can bring a full system to them in order to shoot their catalogue, advertising and PR Product Images.

For more information or to book contact or call 0191 236 1017

Monday, 17 August 2009

A Little Style in House

Frankii Wilde has been in styling a series of recently commissioned pin-up inspired shoots. Thanks to their success the studio will soon be offering Pin-up inspired packages for all the retro beauties out there.

The queen of pin-up will also be on hand during the package shoots to offer advice and minor make-up and hair touch ups to ensure you receive some great images.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the packages or for more information on pin-up inspired packages contact: or visit the website

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Reckless General Plays the Cluny

On occasion I like to get out and shoot subjects I am personally interested in, after talking to the talented Michael Cochrane of Reckless General Records I was given the opportunity to shoot a live gig with a variety of performers.

Reckless General Records (RGR) is a project featuring three very different artists, Hattie Murdoch; a talented singer/songwriter with a smooth voice and impecable guitar skills, Iain Crummie; another talented singer/songwriter whose lyrics conjure up vivid pictures in your mind and The Soviets; a lively five piece band with powerful tracks that really hook the audience and generate a powerful energy.

RGR pack out the Cluny regularly and offer a fantastic array of music and entertainment that will tickle most tastebuds. After 3 hours I had shot over 200 images and thoroughly enjoyed the array of music and entertainment on show, from slow ballads to bouncing indie tracks the night was filled with music performed by more than capable artists.

If you see RGR advertised @ The Cluny in Newcastle I recommend you get a group together and pay them a visit.

For more information on RGR or any of their artists visit:

or their myspace @

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Studio Anniversary

April see's the second anniversary of the studio. Since opening the doors there have been many commissions, laughs and hard work done for a hugely diverse range of clients.

Since 2007 the studio has developed from initially providing portrait and product photography services into a full service studio with local, national and international clients providing a diverse range of repeat business.

Some of the clients the studio has had the privilege of working with over the last two years are White Young Green, HMRC, Shelter Housing Charity, St Oswalds Hospice, Merchant Developments, Photography Monthly Magazine, Copro Ltd, Pyramid Media UK Ltd, Glamour Bunny and Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions.

Thank you to all team members that have worked to successfully complete the assignments, as a small thank you to all blog visitors the studio will be offering a 10% discount throughout April to those quoting "BLOGOFFER" when booking a shoot.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

St Oswalds Hospice

The fantastic work by the Team at St Oswalds Hospice in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, is only made possible by the generous donations of the public and fundraising efforts of the Team.

Komodo Design, Newcastle, were appointed to design the emotive direct mail piece to raise awareness of the great work done at the hospice and their continued reliance on regular small donations. Philip Hunton Phoptography was then appointed to capture the images that would communicate the message developed by Komodo and the St Oswalds Team.

St Oswalds offer a diverse range of high quality care and advice services with focus firmly placed on the patients and their families.

The shoot took place in a small room so to avoid disturbing any other work going on.Komodo's brief was to show the real effects of St Oswalds on patients and their families and when we met the patients and team we understood why. Before the shoot there was a chance to talk with the patients and staff, we heard about all their experiences at St Oswalds, every one of them positive.

By utilising the new studio hilite system to produce consistent white backgrounds we could concentrate on making sure the patients and staff featured in the shoot were comfortable.

Every patient involved gave up their time to show how they had benefitted from the great work done by the Team at St Oswalds. Their lives directly and positively affected by the range of services offered.

For more information on St Oswalds or to sign up to donate please visit their website

Friday, 6 February 2009

A Bright Future

Photography is an integral part of any business, but for those with products to sell it is imperative that the products are shot well to ensure customers that are unable to see the products in the flesh can get a feel for them and make a decision on purchasing based purely on specification and the photography.

A recent shoot for local LED lighting firm GlowLed has highlighted the value of good product photography as it has triggered a response exceeding the expectations of the business.

Arzhang Tahmosybayat of GlowLed said "LED Lights are not the easiest thing to photograph but we feel we found the right man for the job.

Philip provided Glowled with an excellent service, in keeping with our brief and delivered images quickly and efficiently. This has already significantly improved our professional image, helped with our PR/Marketing and we have since had numerous enquiries for our energy efficient LED lighting."

Arzhang went on to say that within 2 weeks of the shoot and incorporating the resulting images into their marketing the number of enquiries had significantly increased, the photography almost immediately paying for itself in sales and lead generation.

In todays market it is increasingly important to ensure that photography and marketing budgets are increased rather than cut. There has never been a more important time to effectively promote and represent your products and services to your target market.

To see how photography could help sell your services or products contact info@philiphunton

To see some of the images at work visit

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Portable Portrait / Events System

In recent months I have been working on many different types of image for a diverse client base however many have one thing in common; location shoots on a pure white background. Sometimes I had lots of space to work in and other times it was a small office or living room that made pure white backgrounds very difficult to achieve.

The Studio has now invested in truly professional and portable HiLite system from Lastolite that allows beautiful white backgrounds in confined and open spaces with the added bonus of it being extremely portable. The system is ideal for home portrait sessions with a contemporary feel, event portraits and commercial location portraits.

Contact for more information on booking, pricing and availability.