Tuesday, 3 March 2009

St Oswalds Hospice

The fantastic work by the Team at St Oswalds Hospice in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, is only made possible by the generous donations of the public and fundraising efforts of the Team.

Komodo Design, Newcastle, were appointed to design the emotive direct mail piece to raise awareness of the great work done at the hospice and their continued reliance on regular small donations. Philip Hunton Phoptography was then appointed to capture the images that would communicate the message developed by Komodo and the St Oswalds Team.

St Oswalds offer a diverse range of high quality care and advice services with focus firmly placed on the patients and their families.

The shoot took place in a small room so to avoid disturbing any other work going on.Komodo's brief was to show the real effects of St Oswalds on patients and their families and when we met the patients and team we understood why. Before the shoot there was a chance to talk with the patients and staff, we heard about all their experiences at St Oswalds, every one of them positive.

By utilising the new studio hilite system to produce consistent white backgrounds we could concentrate on making sure the patients and staff featured in the shoot were comfortable.

Every patient involved gave up their time to show how they had benefitted from the great work done by the Team at St Oswalds. Their lives directly and positively affected by the range of services offered.

For more information on St Oswalds or to sign up to donate please visit their website www.stoswaldsuk.org

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