Friday, 18 June 2010

Style, Desire, Indulgence & Debauch

The studio was recently approached by designer brand Debauch, London, to photograph their range of spectacle frames, an enquiry which was both intriguing and exciting.

On receipt of their brand guide it became apparent that this was a brand with attitude and style. Our excitement was barely contained when looking through the range of frames and immediately ideas began developing ideas regarding potential imagery. 

On completing the standard on white shots of the frames (with cut-outs) we began planning a shoot to show their style and attitude. After presenting several potential models and concepts for the shoot to the team at Debauch, we selected Charlotte (AKA Trixie D Licious), a burlesque performer who conveyed the alternate attitude, style, sexiness and look that would fit perfectly with the brand image.  In fact it is fair to say that the brand keywords could describe some of Trixie's performances as a Burlesque Artist. 

The next logical selection was of a Make-up Artist for the shoot. Courtney Sharman had recently worked with the team at the studio and had produced strong and stylish make up for several shoots. We scheduled the shoot and began planning the concepts, make-up, hair and lighting, which were all approved by the Debauch team.

The team from Debauch attended the shoot and ideas were a plenty, all focusing on the keywords the brand guide had provided. Charlotte performed as expected, excellently, and Courtney's make-up was sexy and stylish but not over-stated. 

After 6 hours of shooting we had the images required, the next step was for the post processing to give the images more of a graphic and edgy feel. After several tests we decided that the film cross processed look was the most appropriate.

The team at Debauch and in the studio were extremely pleased with the results and are really looking forward to the next creative outing together. In the mean time keep an eye open for the brand and their extremely stylish products.

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