Monday, 3 October 2011

Walker Technology College Choose PHP

It's September again and the students are flocking back to school for another year of hard work and homework. Students at Walker Technology College will start their new term in a beautiful new state of the art building, with new uniforms and fresh new opportunities to develop their skills. 

Walker Tech wanted to promote their new look and the exciting new options available to their students. They approached Philip Hunton Photography to shoot some of the students and uniforms for their new PR Material.

The team at the College wanted to show the exciting new opportunities created for students and their choices of learning routes. It was clear from the start that the team and students were very enthusiastic towards promoting the College and its diverse range of subjects.

The shoot was to be kept simple and focused on the students themselves. Each of the three ‘mini schools’ within the College had a new identity and uniform and this needed to be represented in the shot together with the very clear enthusiasm of the students involved.

Walker students, selected by the team of teachers and Walker’s own Sharon Cole, Assistant Headteacher, attended the studio for their shoot. It was apparent from the start that the students selected were excited with the changes in their building and branding, but it was their pride in the school that made them perfect for the shoot.

The students were shot individually on a plain white background, each representing a different subject offered by the College. This meant that the images could be used individually to promote single subjects or composited into one shot for the purposes of posters, student handbooks and the College Prospectus. 

This was not only a photo shoot, but a learning experience for both the students and myself. The students/models had great interest in everything going on; how I was lighting the scene, what expression they needed and which were their favoured shots.

Following the shoot, PHP provided mock-ups of the images in posters so Walker Tech could see how they fit in with their PR requirements.

Within a few weeks of the shoot, Walker Tech had created and printed their posters which were proudly on display in Newcastle's Metro stations. The posters doing their job, promoting the College and its diverse range of vocational subjects.

Thanks to their marketing campaign, a record-breaking crowd of over 400 people turned up at the recent Open Evening.

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