Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Touch of Class

In today’s competitive online market photographs are the first contact a consumer will have with a product so it is essential to get images that present your products in their best light.

Alison from Wedding Supplies Direct understood the importance of product photographs and approached the studio to produce images with a touch of class for her new online venture.

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Alison, an experienced retail manager, approached PHP to photograph her new range of products that would launch her new online shop.  Her vision was to supply the high quality wedding accessories that she had supplied in her retail space for many years but to a wider online customer base. 

The initial range of products had been researched and selected by Alison based on her extensive experience in the weddings market. While standard on-white product shots were required she wanted to also show some of the products in-situ to give customers a better feel for how the product will look on their special day.  

When shooting we had to consider the material they were made from, flat lighting would not show up the sheen of the satin so we used a lighting setup to show off the reflective nature of the products. Each product was shot isolated on-white and then in-situ and used together to give a rounded impression of what a customer can expect. 

The cravats were shot on white showing the whole product then shot on a mannequin with a shirt and neutral waistcoat to show how it would look when worn. The handkerchiefs were shot folded neatly and then in a pocket of a suit jacket to show how the colours and patterns would look. These additional images provide the customers with more information to make their choice and represents the products how they will be used rather than simply as isolated items on a white background.

Every image was supplied high resolution giving Alison the option of zooming into specific areas and cropping the images to show more detail.  In total over 50 high resolution images were shot, developed and delivered within 24 hours via online drop box in high and low resolutions with an additional set of images watermarked with the company logo.

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