Friday, 8 January 2010

Acting, Presenting, Producing...

For over 10 years Philip Hunton Photography has produced headshots for the talented Daymon Britton. Throughout this time he has developed a range of skills in the film and video industry including acting, presenting, producing and directing. Today Daymon also works with a great team at Pyramid Media UK producing film and video using all of the skills he has developed.

Daymon has appeared in
Wire in the Blood, School for Seduction, The Royal, Dreamteam and Byker Grove to name but a few and more recently has worked as a presenter, producer and director.

Check out some of his work and the talented team he works with:

His main site:

Pyramid Media UK:

Seize the Day documentary, a close look at the male mid-life crisis:,com_rnvideoarch...

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