Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"Parking in bus stops is just wrong"

Smith Creative of Newcastle were commissioned to produce advertising that would communicate the message that parking in bus stops is wrong and potentially dangerous.

The Nexus campaign aims to reduce the amount of parking in bus stops, by making people aware of the problems their actions could cause other people. It's running during January and February 2010, on Adshels (posters in bus shelters), the back of buses, on Metro Radio and in selected car parks.

The final witty and attention grabbing advertising concept was developed by the team at Smith Creative who then approached the studio to shoot the required images.

The images had to be simple and fit very defined formats to ensure that as the buses go by the message can be communicated in an efficient manner.

The team at the shoot for the campaign consisted of Smith Creative, Philip Hunton Photography, Laura J Brown (Makeup Artist) and the talented models.

Using several car parts, duck tape, the talent of the models and vision of the creative team we produced images that were simple and communicated the clever message effectively.

This commission was a good illustration of how the studio can adapt to meet your exact requirements.

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