Monday, 22 February 2010

New look Debenhams @ Eldon Square

The studio was recently approached to photograph the newly fitted out 180,000 sq ft four floor Debenhams store in the re-vamped section of Eldon Square in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Patton Fit-Out, part of the multi million pound Patton Group, hired the studio to photograph the beautiful new Debenhams store in Newcastle following the successful opening on Tuesday 16th February.

The development forms part of a single-level mall extension at Eldon Square Shopping Centre in the city, which houses Debenhams as an anchor tenant in a self styled icon store.

The Eldon upgrade is part of a wider, multi-agency strategy designed to position Newcastle as the shopping capital of the region.

Beautiful in appearance and full to the brim with excited customers, the store presented the studio with several challenges during the shoot.

The first challenge was that the store was open and literally hundreds of shoppers were browsing. Long shutter speeds were employed to record the flow of people around the store without capturing their faces which brought the architecture and images to life.

The next challenge was to show the reflective nature of many materials used in the store together with the beautifully designed lighting effects that mixed cool daylight with warm tungsten balanced light.

During the shoot it was interesting listening to the browsing customers, who when discussing the look of the new store, provided an insight into what they found interesting and exciting that would influence some of the shots taken.

The store offered a wealth of opportunities for images and with patience the customers provided an element of life in what could otherwise have been a clinical and less interesting picture.

Although the brief was to produce 20-30 images, the wealth of opportunities meant that delivery was of over 50 high resolution final images.

On receiving the final images from the studio Gemma Downey, Marketing Co-ordinator for Patton Group said "we're delighted with the images, they are very striking."

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  1. These images are great, they could have so easily been stilted, but the movement throughout the shots by actual customers give these pictures life beyond the still image. Great work!