Friday, 13 August 2010

Discover the Island in The Eldon Square Mall

The studio was approached by fashion retailer River Island to photograph their store in Newcastle's revitalised Eldon Square shopping mall. 

The brief was to record the beautifully designed interior and to capture the layout and design of the section displays.

On arrival it was clear that the store offers immediate visual appeal with dynamic lighting and displays that compliment the products. Each display of products has its own visual identity which not only separates the range from its neighbours but also visually works with the adjacent displays. 

The difficulty when approaching subjects such as this is to ensure images retain a focal point, an overall shot of the store would leave the viewer with too much to visually digest. To address this each area was shot individually focusing on a single point that distinctly summarised the design of that display with several shots showing the area in context.

Whilst challenging, it was interesting to see how the interior designers have made individual elements unique in their own right while also fitting in with the overall ambiance of the store. A welcome addition to the bright new mall in Eldon Square, this commission was a real delight to work on.

On completion the studio delivered over 50 high resolution files to the team at River Island.

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