Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lauren Luke Launches Make-up Brush Range

Youtube make-up sensation Lauren Luke (panacea81) approached the studio with a view to photographing her new high quality product range. The brief was to capture the individual brushes and a group shot that illustrated the quality and textures of the brushes.

Lauren had very focused ideas on what sort of imagery she wanted for the brush range. Soft light was used on the brush tips to show their quality and shape, while hard light was focused on the handles to show the high quality texture and finish to the products.

The brief detailed roughly how the products should be presented and it was clear from the start that "on-white" product imagery was not on the cards. The photographs had to reflect the effort she had put into producing the products and should be more creative than just on-white. Each of the stylish brushes were shot individually to show their shape and to give an idea of their size and quality finish.

The brushes were shot on black acrylic to give a nice sheen and were held in place using prop wax, this method had its own problems due to the clean nature of the products meaning for every shot the products were cleaned, polished and  carefully placed into position to ensure no finger marks were visible.

The final group shot was by far the trickiest, each brush was cleaned and a dab of prop wax placed on the base to hold it upright, each brush was carefully arranged to show the very best angle for the tip shape and the Lauren Luke brand. 

The lighting for the brushes incorporated 4 lights, 1 with a snoot and colour gel on the background, 1 either side bounced into a rectangular card to give the hard specular highlights and 1 above and behind picking out the tips of the brushes. Once the brushes were in position and basic lighting setup, the front of the tips were masked off from the light using a gobo (a go-between) to prevent light spill on the front of the tips that would stop them looking soft.

Following the shoot we got to keep the brushes for use by models in the studio and by all accounts they have gone down a storm. Feedback from Lauren shows that people really like the images and the products, achieving all of the objectives of the shoot.

The brushes are available individually and as a pack from Lauren's website www.laurenluke.com

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  1. I would love to check more into these brushes, I got the whole set of the brushes that Pixiwoo came out with and love them allot so I can image what she put together for this line here.Very happy for her and can't wait to get mine.