Tuesday, 13 September 2011

North Tyneside Police Area Command

In most cases when you think of a Police Station you would think of an old Victorian building or perhaps a 1960’s grey concrete building with little visual appeal. This new home of the North Tyneside Police Area Command is certainly not that.

Already multi award winning, the site offers both a clean and practical work space in a modern, attractive and functional shell. 

Shackerley, UK market leaders in ceramic granite ventilated cladding, approached Philip Hunton Photography to photograph the exteriors of the New North Tyneside Police Area Command in Wallsend.

The company has supplied this premium hardwearing and impermeable cladding material for hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, retail stores and shopping centres, commercial offices, libraries, community centres and other types of buildings throughout the UK.

This recent project sees Shackerley providing external cladding to a Police development for the first time.

Our brief was to show how the Shackerley product worked with the building and complemented its modern design. This was the first time Shackerley had supplied this particular shade of ceramic granite panel for the exterior of a building – a very distinctive pale turquoise colour.

The photographs were captured with the permission of the Police Force and were taken on a bright day to ensure contrast and vibrant colours. Great care was taken to avoid converging verticals (the appearance of a building not appearing straight) and distortion that can effect a building shape when shot from ground level at a close distance with wide angle lenses.

All of these considerations ensured bright, accurate photographs that represented the building and Shackerley’s product well. The client is delighted with the appearance of the building “captured so well for our new literature by Philip”.

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